The Great Big Art Exhibition 2021

Hi everyone! I am participating in The Great Big Art Exhibition 2021.

I have displayed my art in the windows for passers-by to see😃.  It should be fun.

I hung the art in the windows and my hubby was shocked to see it this morning when he tried looking out. 😆

I have a few commissions and then I will get back to painting my favourites.

I do love being an artist 🙂❤️. Thank you for dropping by, I appreciate you ❤️

Have a great Friday!

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2 Responses to The Great Big Art Exhibition 2021

  1. What an awesome idea Cindy! How long does it last? Is it just your town? Do they do a map so people can find the artists? 🙂

    • says:

      Thank you Sheila.

      Here is the website

      It is across the country (UK).

      I don’t know when it ends, I just recently found out about it. If you follow the hashtag
      #thegreatbigartexhibition you should be able to find people who are involved.
      Especially if you look on Instagram or Facebook. ❤️

💞 please comment and let me know you dropped by❤️