Day 4 art challenge

©Cindy Williams

Hi everyone!

I am starting a drawing of a dog of a friend of a friend 🙂

This will be an A3 Painting when finished

This is day 4 of the art challenge.

I hope you enjoy the variety 🙂

Thank you for dropping by ❤️

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Day 3 of art challenge

Hi everyone.

This is just a quick post.

I am doing a painting for an author and I was practicing on my new digital art tablet. I have never used an art tablet before so I tried.

This guy is going to be a bit “Monty Python-esque”

He is dreaming and I will try to draw some of the images coming out of the top of his head

We will have to see how it turns out 🙂

This is just a printed pic of digital art, I will be painting it on a big painting with watercolor.

I think it’s cool to draw it on the tablet first so I can see how it will look and not have to waste my paper and paints or mess up the painting.

It will be a collage and I can move it around the paper to see where I want it and how it will look.

Thank you so much for dropping by ❤️

He’s Dreaming Now
©Cindy Williams
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The Storm is Over

Day 2 of my art challenge this month.

I can’t think of a name for it so it looks to me that a storm is leaving and the sun may be coming out.

The Storm is Over ©Cindy Williams

This painting is size A3.

If you would like to purchase it please fill in the form and let me know.

I am sending you sunshine wherever you are.

Have a lovely day and thank you for dropping by , I appreciate you 💓

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February 2021 Art Challenge- Lovely Louise

Hello everyone! I would like to share something exciting, I am involved in a new art challenge this month.

Well, maybe not new, but it is new for this year. I am joining some of my artist friends this month and I am looking forward to everyone’s art.

Today I am posting my painting of a vintage 20s and 30s silent film actress. This is Louise Brooks. I have painted this piece of art with watercolour. It was so much fun. I love to change things up in these paintings.

Lovely Louise A3 Watercolour ©Cindy Williams

I may do many different sizes of paintings, I am not sure.

A3 is quite large when you think about doing a month of paintings, painting daily, it is a lot, as I have a day job.

You never know, I may surprise you! I know it would surprise me 😊

This painting is for sale and I will ship worldwide.

If you would like to contact me about the painting, I have added a contact form on this post. Just include your name, email, and message saying you are interested in the painting.

I hope you enjoy this painting today and we will see what I come up with for tomorrow 😊

Thank you for dropping by! I appreciate you I really do 😊💖

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Welcome 2021!


I bet you all are as excited to see a new year as I am. What are your new year’s resolutions? I rarely make resolutions anymore. By the end of January, I have broken all my resolutions. I have set myself a few goals for the year. This post will be a review of last year. Hindsight is 2020. I was so happy to see the new year. 2020. I never thought I would ever see it. 2020 is perfect vision. So it was to be a FABULOUS year.

One thing I forgot, which I never thought I would have to go through, was the trouble I had to go through with the UK Home Office, regarding my visa. I had to get it sorted, hired an attorney, and it was a mess. I should have seen that as an omen.

February 2020

Banksy in Bristol

In February, my day job took a new turn and I started going to a new site in Bristol. I was actually able to drive by and see a new artwork by Banksy. It was on the side of a house. He had been there just the night before!

Shakespeare Family Homes tickets ©Cindy Williams

For my birthday, the hubby gave me tickets for a year’s entry into all the Shakespeare houses in Stratford-upon-Avon. I love that man. 😃💗

I was able to visit Mary Arden’s farm on the opening weekend. And after the opening weekend, they immediately shut because of the impending doom the world was facing.

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust sent me an email saying that my tickets will be valid through this year (well I think I have 11 months left on them). I am not sure when we will be able to visit again, because of the current environment but it will be soon I hope.

Shelley ©Cindy Williams

I have had to look at too much of this last year.

Bristol Cathedral ©Cindy Williams

We went to Bristol for my birthday week, however I was just getting over illness going around the world, I was still pretty weak, so it wasn’t great. And to reflect how I was feeling, the weather was crap. I look forward to visiting as a tourist again and taking some nice pics for nice memories.

March 2020

Mary Arden’s Farm ©Cindy Williams

I was able to use my ticket to go visit only one of the Shakespeare houses. The opening weekend was the only time it was opened and then it shut because of the world virus crisis.

April 2020

April came around, and we were in full lockdown. So we started working on the garden.

Our art class started holding classes on Zoom.

Zoom art classes ©Cindy Williams

May 2020

In May, I started an art group on Facebook. I wanted to improve my watercolour skills, so the only way I could do it was to paint. So I started a group, invited people to join, and I asked them to send pics of their furbabies so I could paint them. I also painted some people portraits.

We were able to go out finally, so we went to see the Rollright Stones.

June 2020

I created my logo

July 2020

A collage of some of the paintings I have done ©Cindy Williams

We visited the Real Flower Petal Confetti fields

August 2020

We went to Snowdonia. Llanberis in North Wales. The weather was really nice and was a nice day.

September 2020

We let Shelley, our cat, out for the first time. We have had her for 5 years and she is an indoor cat. But I was working in the garden and she kept meowing and scratching at the door and window so I decided she might be ok. She absolutely loves being outside.

October 2020

We went to Bewdley, Worcestershire for the day.

November 2020

Not a lot happened, Just work and home and everyday stuff.

December 2020

Same as above. Just work and home and everyday stuff.

But I also worked on my journal for 2021.

Jan 1, 2021

And this brings us to the present! My hubby bought me a really nice journal when we went to Llanberis, North Wales. I was happy, I am able to create the journal exactly how I want.

Journal ©Cindy Williams
January Journal page ©Cindy Williams

Well, that is my review of last year, it is nice to count your blessings! I have forgotten a lot of things we had done, but I am glad Google photos saves the dates and photos.

I wish a great new year for you all, and thank you for dropping by! I appreciate you 💗

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