Next stage in my painting

Hi everyone, well this is the work I did on my painting in art class tonight.


I think I’m done, I will tell you why.

I normally paint on a flat surface but this is done one my drawing board which was standing up. I am trying different ways of painting.

I tried to keep up with my tutor but this is as far as I got.

Maybe some day I will be as fast as my art tutor, that would be awesome. Can you imagine how many paintings I could get done in one day?

It’s nice to think about. 🙂

Thank you for dropping by, I appreciate you 🙂❤️

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1 Response to Next stage in my painting

  1. Keep hope alive. And work, work, work. LOL 🙂 That’s what they say. ;o)

💞 please comment and let me know you dropped by❤️