My latest news

Hi everyone, I hope this finds you all doing well.  I have been busy with creating a piece of art for an author.

This art was made into a collage, which I really had never done except for when I was a kid in school.

This will be the cover of the book.

©Cindy Williams

It took a while to make but I’m happy how it turned out.

I will also show you my latest addition for my art studio. It took a while to put together but it was worth it!

It is a portable photo booth. But it’s quite large! (A 3ft cube!)

My photo booth ☺️ © Cindy Williams

It has 2 LED light strips and the light is much more clear and more of a white light. I can’t wait to use it for still life photos. It came with 3 vinyl backgrounds and 3 different colours

I’m just starting a new painting for my next client 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for dropping by. I appreciate you 🙂❤️

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2 Responses to My latest news

  1. Congrats on all your work and being busy! Enjoy Cindy! 🙂

💞 please comment and let me know you dropped by❤️