Day 3 of art challenge

Hi everyone.

This is just a quick post.

I am doing a painting for an author and I was practicing on my new digital art tablet. I have never used an art tablet before so I tried.

This guy is going to be a bit “Monty Python-esque”

He is dreaming and I will try to draw some of the images coming out of the top of his head

We will have to see how it turns out 🙂

This is just a printed pic of digital art, I will be painting it on a big painting with watercolor.

I think it’s cool to draw it on the tablet first so I can see how it will look and not have to waste my paper and paints or mess up the painting.

It will be a collage and I can move it around the paper to see where I want it and how it will look.

Thank you so much for dropping by ❤️

He’s Dreaming Now
©Cindy Williams
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