A Dabble with Water Mixable Oils

I recently watched a painting demo with the very talented artist Sarah Wemperis. I am a member of the Stratford upon Avon art society and she was the guest artist.

She was using water mixable oils which intrigued me. I don’t like the smell of turpentine and I have stayed away from oils. But yesterday I bought some Artisan water mixable oils by Winsor and Newton.

I decided to try them out and I took a pic of my kitty and I just started painting.

I usually draw first but I just went all in and started painting

I was shocked how it turned out because I usually have to carefully draw details first. I am really pleased with the outcome and will be using this medium in the future, as well as watercolours. I LOVE watercolours though 😀

I paint commissions for pet and people portraits.

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